About us

We are a family business that specializes in providing portable sanitary solutions for rental companies. As a trusted portable toilet supplier, we bring years of expertise in the field of mobile sanitary facilities. Through our own product development process, we continuously create innovative solutions tailored to the needs of renting companies. We understand the importance of transportation for our customers, which is why our products are designed with a strong focus on transportability!

Besides our extensive knowledge, we uphold three fundamental core values:

Service, Quality, and Flexibility
These are our core values, deeply ingrained in our company culture. We prioritize exceptional service, ensuring prompt assistance to our customers. Quality is paramount to us, and our products are built to last, offering durability and reliability. We pride ourselves on our flexibility as a portable toilet supplier, maintaining efficient communication channels and adapting quickly to meet our customers’ requirements.

Slogan: ‘’Grow your renting business’’
Our slogan, “Grow your renting business,” encapsulates our commitment to helping our customers succeed. By supporting their growth, we grow alongside them. We strive to empower your rental business, facilitating your company’s strong market presence. As an experienced portable toilet company, we prioritize long-term, sustainable relationships, working together to achieve accelerated growth!

Toypek Brothers in arms: The Owners

Bodhi Verhaaf
Specialized in product development, marketing & sales

Colin Verhaaf
Specialized in process optimization, production & technology

Our Toypek cabins
Our Toypek toilet cabins are meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of renting companies of portable toielts, making the rental process seamless. We have carefully considered dimensions, lifespan, ease of use, and quality (bastard test) in their development. Manufactured using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and our proprietary molds, our Toypek toilet cabins are available in various colors and can be produced quickly.

Since 2017, our Toypek cabins have been successfully used by rental companies across more than 20 European countries. We take pride in their widespread adoption and positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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Do you want to buy a portable toilet?

Buying a portable toilet is not an impulsive purchase. There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a portable toilet. Toypek.eu has developed a portable toilet that perfectly matches the wishes and needs of the Sanitary facilities market. You can buy a portable toilet at Toypek.eu in four different colors.

The portable toilets can be delivered with various additional options such as a urinal, handwashing unit, and/or a flush system. For more information about our portable toilets, you can click the button below or contact us.