Transportation Benefits

Transportation is a crucial aspect for any renting company when buying a portable toilet, and at, we understand the challenges involved. That’s why we have specifically designed our mobile toilets to be highly transport-friendly, providing you with several advantages.

  • Dimensions: With a width of 100cm, depth of 100cm, and height of 225cm: our mobile toilets allow for efficient transportation. Multiple units can be easily loaded onto a box truck or truck without the need for modifications. This not only saves on vehicle and transport costs but also maximizes the utilization of available space. As a result, event organizers and construction sites can allocate more space for other activities, making you the preferred choice! However, there are several other reasons why to buy a portable toilet.

  • Loading and unloading: Our Toypek mobile toilets feature a sturdy construction and rectangular design, making the process of securing them during transport quick and hassle-free. Simply place one pull strap over the roofs of the two mobile toilets, and they are securely fixed. Additionally, special grooves and hook-up points on the bottom facilitate easier loading and unloading.

  • Easy to move: The Toypek mobile toilet is designed for effortless movement. With widened handles and a strong base, you can comfortably grip the handles and enjoy enhanced control during transport.

  • Vandalism resistant: Our Toypek cabins undergo rigorous testing to withstand potential impacts and vandalism. You can have peace of mind knowing that our mobile toilets are built to withstand the challenges of loading, unloading, and transportation.

  • Compact yet spacious: Despite their compact design, our Toypek mobile toilets offer ample space for users. Equipped with a 250L wastewater tank and generous seating area, users can enjoy comfort without compromising on efficiency.

By choosing our transport-friendly mobile toilets, you can streamline your operations and provide optimal convenience for your customers. If you’re looking to meet your specific sanitary needs, consider buying portable toilets from our range of sanitary solutions.

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Purchasing a cabin with many transportation advantages?

Our toilet cabins, mobile shower cabins, sanitary units, and other products are fully customized to the needs of rental companies. One of the main challenges for a rental company, and the activity they deal with the most, is the transportation of their rental items.

Our cabins can be fully customized according to your preferences because every rental company has different requirements and/or a customer base with special needs. If you need more information about our transportation advantages and/or the special requirements that can be implemented in our products, please contact our team!