Production Advantages

As an experienced portable toilet manufacturer, we take pride in managing the entire production process of our Toypek porta potties, allowing us to quickly adapt and deliver large quantities in a short time. Our efficient production process enables us to lower costs while maintaining high quality for our customers. Using modern injection molding technology ensures the precision and quality of the parts, which is crucial for the assembly of our products.

Wide Range of Colors

Our standard colors for portable toilets include blue, green, red, and orange. As we control the production process, we can offer cabins in almost any RAL color. You can even choose a combination of different colored panels, doors, or roofs. Note that custom RAL colors require a minimum order of 200 pieces, and we do not recommend transparent roofs due to light transmission.


By producing our own parts, we can easily supply spare parts for replacement or repair. Each part of our Toypek toilet cabin is produced separately, allowing you to replace only the specific broken or damaged component. For instance, if the tank breaks down, you can simply purchase the tank container without needing to buy the entire base. Fortunately, our parts are of high quality, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

High-Quality Materials

Our cabins are made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, ensuring vibrant color density and resistance to fading, even under strong sunlight. The panel walls have a thickness of 4mm, significantly thicker than most toilet cabins. This thickness enhances durability, making the cabins highly tear-resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads. They are by far one of the most durable porta potties for sale.

Reinforced Hingeless Doors

To enhance durability and minimize maintenance, our cabins feature a reinforced door that does not rely on traditional hinges. Instead, the door is equipped with pins that fit into the door apron, allowing for easy hanging. Recognizing that the door is the most frequently used part of a toilet cabin, we have designed it to be robust and hassle-free.

Assembly Options

In addition to manufacturing our products, we also offer assembly services. Our porta potties can be delivered either assembled or unassembled. Many customers choose to handle the assembly themselves to reduce transport costs. Our Toypek portable toilets are designed for easy assembly and come with all the necessary mounting materials and instructions. However, if you prefer, our team is ready to assist you with the assembly process!

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What do you as a customer benefit from the production benefits of

We manage the entire production process of our Toypek cabins, so we can switch quickly and deliver large numbers in little time. Thanks to our optimal production process, we can lower the cost price and increase the quality for our customers. Our production uses modern injection molding, which ensures high quality and accuracy of parts, which is important for the assembly process of our products.

Our cabins can be fully adapted to your wishes, because every lessor has different wishes and/or a different customer base with special wishes. Do you need more information about our production advantages and/or the special wishes you can fulfill for our products? Then contact our team!