Toilet Urinal

Toilet Urinal

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Customize your mobile toilet according to your preferences. Our toilet units can be fully assembled to your specifications, including the addition of a urinal and piping. When purchasing a portable toilet, carefully consider its intended use, desired color, extra options, and quantities. We even offer the option to manufacture the toilet units in your preferred color.
Description Dimensions Transportation Warranty Reviews offers the option to add a urinal to the Toypek cabin. The urinal provides advantages for maintaining cleanliness in your mobile toilet. When buying a mobile toilet, recommends including a urinal. The urinal ensures that male users who prefer to stand do not urinate on the edges of the mobile toilet cabin but focus on the urinal itself. This enhances the user experience and makes cleaning the Toypek cabin easier for the lessor. There are no additional installation costs for adding the portable urinal.Supplied parts: - Urinal, pipework, fixing material.
Width215 mm
Width including attachment points295 mm
Height385 mm
Depth190 mm
Weight0,82 kg

The addition of the urinal portable toilet does not pose any transportation disadvantages compared to Toypek cabins without a urinal.

For our complete warranty conditions click here! In general, we give a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects with the exception of wear parts. When you carry out the assembly yourself, we give a warranty of 3 months after delivery on manufacturing defects, when the cabins are mounted (by you) this warranty expires, because we do not attend your assembly process.

For more information about our warranty conditions, please contact our team.

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