Open-Air Urinal – PEE6
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Open-Air Urinal – PEE6

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Request a quote for our open-air urinal solution. When purchasing mobile urinals, it is important to carefully consider their intended use and transportation for rental purposes. Our pedestals are commonly used in numbers for parties and events. Compose your own portable urinal now!
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The PEE6 is a mobile urinal designed to accommodate up to 6 men simultaneously. The urinal portable design allows for easy transportation and setup in different locations. It is manufactured using rotational molding techniques. Each mobile urinal has a capacity of 1,875 urinations (500 liters) before needing to be emptied. With an empty weight of 120 kg, a single truck can transport an average of 14 mobile urinals. This means that one truck can provide 84 peeing spots for events. Due to the rotational molding process, these portable urinals can only be ordered in minimum quantities of 6.
Height2080 mm
Width1690 mm
Depth1120 mm
Weight125 kg
Storage tank500 Liter
Number of urinations1.875
Quantity in one truck14
Number of standing places per unit6


This type of open-air urinal is designed for easy transportation and incorporates various transport advantages. It has been specially engineered to allow 6 individuals to urinate simultaneously, with dimensions that match those of our competitors. Here are the transport benefits of our mobile urinals:

  • Easy mobility using a forklift or pallet truck
  • Provides more standing room per unit for events
  • Lightweight when empty
  • Can be securely stacked on top of each other.
  • Robust design that withstands impacts and vibrations.

For our complete warranty conditions click here! In general, we give a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects with the exception of wear parts. When you carry out the assembly yourself, we give a warranty of 3 months after delivery on manufacturing defects, when the cabins are mounted (by you) this warranty expires, because we do not attend your assembly process.

For more information about our warranty conditions, please contact our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why aren’t prices displayed on your website?
Our products can be customized according to your preferences, quantities, colors, and additional options, which affect the total price. Therefore, we recommend requesting a quote to receive accurate pricing information.
What are your warranty conditions?
For our complete warranty conditions, please click here. In general, we offer a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects, excluding wear parts. If you assemble the cabins yourself, we provide a 3-month warranty after delivery for manufacturing defects. Please note that once the cabins are assembled by you, this warranty expires as we cannot oversee the assembly process.
How do I request a quote?
You can easily request a quote by visiting our website, selecting the desired product from the assortment overview, and using the product configuration tool. Customize the product to your specifications and provide your details. We will send you a quotation via the email address you provided as soon as possible.
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