Our Story

It all began with a study on the wishes and needs of rental companies in the rental market, revealing transportation to be a major challenge. From delivering to customers, purchasing sanitary facilities, providing services like cleaning, to moving and placing portable cabins on location, transportation can be extremely time-consuming. To address this, we started manufacturing Toypek cabins in 2017. These cabins are specifically designed to streamline transportation for our customers. Here are some key features we implemented:

  • Rectangular design for easier securing
  • Thicker 4mm plastic for durability
  • Size of 100cm by 100cm with a spacious 250L storage tank
  • Widened handles for effortless movement
  • Loading corners at the bottom for convenient loading and unloading
  • Easy transportation in unassembled form, enabling efficient delivery in large quantities.

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Service-oriented Approach and Speed
After researching renters of mobile sanitary solutions, we explored how we could improve as a supplier. We aimed to work as an extension of our customers and provide them with personalized attention despite being a production-oriented company. In many production companies, everything is standardized, minimum order values are enforced, and long delivery times are imposed on customers.

We took a different approach by allowing customers to customize their cabins in terms of color, options, quantities, and special requests. Through our product configuration tool, rental companies can easily customize their cabins online. Additionally, we have reduced delivery times by maintaining larger stocks and avoiding manufacturing on demand. This enables us to guarantee swift delivery for both small and large orders. We do not enforce minimum order quantities, whether you are a new customer or in need of just a few cabins for a specific event.

More Than Just Portable Toilets:
In addition to producing our popular Toypek 3000, we have expanded our product line based on customer demand. This allows us to keep costs low while offering a competitive price-to-quality ratio. Our range now includes mobile shower cabins, sanitary units, toilet trailers, and toilet cabins. Our aim is to be a comprehensive supplier for all mobile sanitary rental companies.

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Our Mission:  “Helping rental companies grow their rental business together”

Our Vision:  “Striving to maximize the potential of our customers”

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Would you like to buy a portable toilet?

Buying a portable toilet is not an impulsive purchase. There are several aspects to consider when purchasing a portable toilet. Toypek.eu has developed a portable toilet that perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the Sanitary facilities market. You can buy a portable toilet in four different colors from Toypek.eu.


The portable toilets can be equipped with various additional options such as a urinal, handwashing unit, and/or a flush system. For more information about our portable toilets, you can click the button below or contact us.