Single toilet trailer Type 1
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Single toilet trailer Type 1

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Customize your own toilet trailer according to your preferences. Our toilet trailers can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. When renting out mobile sanitary products, it's important to consider their intended use, desired extra options, color, and quantity. We offer portable trailer toilets for sale, providing convenient and hygienic solutions for your sanitation needs. Our toilet trailers can also assist renting companies with their transportation activities!
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The Type 1 single toilet trailer is constructed using high-quality materials. It comes with a COC statement, allowing its usage throughout Europe. The Type 1 single toilet trailer features 2 or 3 stabilizing legs and a grid-step ladder that is easy to clean. The portable toilet trailers have been specifically designed to accommodate our Toypek cabins. The cabins are securely attached to the Type 1 single portable toilets trailer using corner lines, aluminum plates, bolts, and lock nuts. The trailer is equipped with eyes for securing the cabins with tension straps, ensuring they remain firmly attached. Our toilet trailers are easy to clean, require minimal maintenance, and can be used on any terrain!
Total length319,5 cm
Total width156 cm
Total height58 cm
Total weight181 kg
Maximum total weight750

The Type 1 single toilet trailer includes:

  • Unbraked weight: 750 kg
  • Hot-dip galvanized and fully welded construction
  • 175/70R13 wheels
  • Sliding clamp jockey wheel ø48 mm
  • 2x rear support elements for the sliding clamp
  • A small step under the light bar with anti-slip profile
  • Mounted steel mudguards
  • Stainless steel number plate clamps
  • 13-pole lighting system, compliant with government requirements
  • Additional support welded to the drawbar, including extra support for the sliding clamp
  • 2x extra binding eye welded to the chassis for securing the mobile toilet (positioned in the middle of the mobile toilet).

The Type 1 single toilet trailer simplifies transportation of our mobile sanitary solutions for renting companies of portable toilets trailers and their customers. You have the option for customers to collect the toilet trailer from your location and return it for cleaning, saving you time and transport costs. The stabilization legs make it easy to stabilize the trailer on any surface or terrain.

The Type 1 single toilet trailer offers the following transportation advantages:

  • Easy and quick to hook on and transport
  • Can be collected by customers, eliminating the need for transportation (time-saving)
  • Streamlined loading and unloading of cabins

For our complete warranty conditions click here! In general, we give a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects with the exception of wear parts. When you carry out the assembly yourself, we give a warranty of 3 months after delivery on manufacturing defects, when the cabins are mounted (by you) this warranty expires, because we do not attend your assembly process.

For more information about our warranty conditions, please contact our team.

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Why aren’t prices displayed on your website?
Our products can be customized according to your preferences, quantities, colors, and additional options, which affect the total price. Therefore, we recommend requesting a quote to receive accurate pricing information.
What are your warranty conditions?
For our complete warranty conditions, please click here. In general, we offer a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects, excluding wear parts. If you assemble the cabins yourself, we provide a 3-month warranty after delivery for manufacturing defects. Please note that once the cabins are assembled by you, this warranty expires as we cannot oversee the assembly process.
How do I request a quote?
You can easily request a quote by visiting our website, selecting the desired product from the assortment overview, and using the product configuration tool. Customize the product to your specifications and provide your details. We will send you a quotation via the email address you provided as soon as possible.
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